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You can accomplish any goal if you BELIEVE you can. But you cannot WIN at the game of life, love or sport by making excuses. If you want something bad enough, you have to have the COURAGE to go for it, and the STRENGTH to have your heart broken in the process. In the end, as long as you can look yourself in eye and say, I gave it my all, then you will always come out on top.

If better health and fitness are your goals, don’t let traditional roles define how you get there. Exercise does not have to happen in a gym. If you’re moving, you’re burning so find something that moves you and get at it. Don’t go on a diet, CHOOSE to feed your body better so that it will WORK better for you. And if you need help, don’t be afraid to ASK for it. Fear is a convenient excuse. For many there is less risk in not trying, than trying and failing. Without risk, there is no REWARD.

Don’t let a number define you or LISTEN to anyone who says you can’t. Life is too short not to live every day to the fullest. If that means striving to achieve a secret goal, TELL someone and start working toward it. If it means shedding those last 10 pounds, COMMIT to it. If it means eating the cookie you’ve been craving for a week, JUST DO IT. Don’t keep score and beat yourself up along the way, just focus on the result and celebrate YOU when you reach it no matter how long that takes.


  • 5-Time US Aerobic Gymnastics Champion
  • Personal Trainer & Group Fitness Instructor
  • Aerobic Gymnastics Coach
  • International Presenter
  • M.A. in Marketing Northwestern University, Class of 92
  • B.A. in Advertising University of Illinois, Class of 91
  • ACE Group Fitness and Personal Trainer
  • EFG Pre and Post Natal


  • Great Danes! Particularly my sweet boy, Ernie Banks!
  • Sports – Go Cubbies!
  • Reading
  • Travel
  • Music/Dancing

Rates: Varies by Program Contact for Availability- herojennhogg@gmail.com