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H.E.R.O. Fitness


  • At H.E.R.O. Fitness

    We believe that fitness is not simply defined by athletic ability. Levels of physical activity are unique to each individual, but success is not dependent on the level of athletic ability achieved. All individuals are capable of experiencing improved fitness which includes – but is not limited to – improved body composition, greater ranges of motion, increased athletic ability, better balance, elevated levels of neuromuscular efficiency, pain-free movement and accelerated cardiovascular wellness.

    H.E.R.O. Fitness is a safe haven for all individuals who have a desire to increase their level of fitness as THEY define it. At H.E.R.O. Fitness, you will find an environment where any and all fitness goals will be encouraged and nurtured.

    “Be a H.E.R.O.”

    At H.E.R.O. Fitness, trainers and clients alike become active H.E.R.O.s within the community. Not only by being personal champions of better health and wellness, but also by giving back to local organizations.

    If you are interested in becoming a H.E.R.O., please download this questionnaire and email it to us at joinHERO@HERO-FITNESS.com or fax it to 773.278.8842 and a member of the management team will reach out to you.

    Personal Trainer

    Varsity Trainers